Physics topics

by J. B. Tatum


Stellar Atmospheres

Celestial Mechanics

Classical Mechanics

Geometric Optics

Electricity and Magnetism

Heat and Thermodynamics

Physical Optics

Max Fairbairn's Planetary Photometry

Integrals and Differential Equations

Quadric Surfaces

Quadric Surfaces


Chapter 1.    Introduction

1.1Quadric Surfaces
1.2Direction Cosines
1.3Rotation of Coordinate Axes

Chapter 2.    Planes and Straight Lines

2.2The Equation to a Plane
2.3Distance from the Origin to a Plane
2.4Distance from a Arbitrary Point to a Plane
2.5Two Parallel Planes
2.6Two Planes, not necessarily Parallel
2.7Three Planes
2.8Straight Lines
2.9Finding a Meteorite
2.10The Widmanst├Ątten Pattern
2.11An Exploding Meteoroid

Chapter 3.    Ellipsoids and Hyperboloids (Central Quadrics)

3.2Hyperboloid of One Sheet
3.3Hyperboloid of Two Sheets

Chapter 4.    Paraboloids

4.1Circular and Elliptic Paraboloids
4.2Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Chapter 5.    General Quadratic Equation, Part I. Central Quadrics

5.2Translation of Coordinate Axes
5.3Rotation of Coordinate Axes. Ellipsoids and Hyperboloids
5.4Cones. General Homogeneous Quadratic Equation in Three Variables
5.A(Appendix) Solution of the Equations

Chapter 6.    General Quadratic Equation, Part II. Non-central Surfaces. Planes

6.2Two Planes

Chapter 7.    General Quadratic Equation, Part III. Non-central Surfaces. Paraboloids

7.1An Elliptic Paraboloid
7.2A Hyperbolic Paraboloid
7.A(Appendix) Solution of the Equations

Chapter 8.    General Quadratic Equation, Part IV. Cylinders and Other Possibilities

8.2A Straight Line

Chapter 9.    Bounds of a Quadric Surface

9.1An Easy Ellipsoid
9.2Three More Difficult Examples
9.3Bounds of a Paraboloid

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