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Electricity and Magnetism (last updated: 2024 April 9)

Chapter 1.    Electric Fields

1.2Triboelectric Effect
1.3Experiments with Pith Balls
1.4Experiments with a Gold-leaf Electroscope
1.5Coulomb's Law
1.6Electric Field E
1.6.1Field of a Point Charge
1.6.2Spherical Charge Distributions
1.6.3A Long, Charged Rod
1.6.4Field on the Axis of a Ring Charge
1.6.5Field on the Axis of a Uniformly Charged Disc
1.6.6Field of a Uniformly Charged Infinite Plane Sheet
1.7Electric Field D
1.9Gauss's Theorem

Chapter 2.    Electrostatic Potential

2.2Potential Near Various Charged Bodies
2.2.1Point Charge
2.2.2Spherical Charge Distributions
2.2.3Long Charged Rod
2.2.4Large Plane Charged Sheet
2.2.5Potential on the Axis of a Charged Ring
2.2.6Potential in the Plane of a Charged Ring
2.2.7Potential on the Axis of a Charged Disc
2.4A Point Charge and an Infinite Conducting Plane
2.5A Point Charge and a Conducting Sphere
2.6Two Semicylindrical Electrodes

Chapter 3.    Dipole and Quadrupole Moments

3.2Mathematical Definition of Dipole Moment
3.3Oscillation of a Dipole in an Electric Field
3.4Potential Energy of a Dipole in an Electric Field
3.5Force on a Dipole in an Inhomogeneous Electric Field
3.6Induced Dipoles and Polarizability
3.7The Simple Dipole
3.8A Geophysical Example
3.9Second Moments of Mass
3.10Second Moments of Charge
3.11Quadrupole Moment. Potential Near an Arbitrary Charge Distribution
3.12Two Simple Quadrupoles
3.13Octupole Moment

Chapter 4.    Batteries, Resistors and Ohm's Law

4.2Resistance and Ohm's Law
4.3Resistance and Temperature
4.4Resistors in Series
4.5Conductors in Parallel
4.6Dissipation of Energy
4.7Electromotive Force and Internal Resistance
4.8Power Delivered to an External Resistance
4.9Potential Divider
4.10Ammeters and Voltmeters
4.11Wheatstone Bridge
4.12Delta-Star Transform
4.13Kirchhoff's Rules
4.14Tortures for the Brain
4.15Solutions, Answers or Hints to 4.14

Chapter 5.    Capacitors

5.2Plane Parallel Capacitor
5.3Coaxial Cylindrical Capacitor
5.4Concentric Spherical Capacitor
5.5Capacitors in Parallel
5.6Capacitors in Series
5.7Delta-Star Transform
5.8Kirchhoff's Rules
5.9Problem for a Rainy Day
5.10Energy Stored in a Capacitor
5.11Energy Stored in an Electric Field
5.12Force Between the Plates of a Plane Parallel Plate Capacitor
5.13Sharing a Charge Between Two Capacitors
5.14Mixed Dielectrics
5.15Changing the Distance Between the Plates of a Capacitor
5.16Inserting a Dielectric into a Capacitor
5.17Polarization and Susceptibility
5.18Discharging a Capacitor Through a Resistor
5.19Charging a Capacitor Through a Resistor
5.20Real Capacitors
5.21More on E, D, P, etc.
5.22Dielectric material in a alternating electric field.

Chapter 6.    The Magnetic Effect of an Electric Current

6.2Definition of the Amp
6.3Definition of the Magnetic Field
6.4The Biot-Savart Law
6.5Magnetic Field Near a Long, Straight, Current-carrying Conductor
6.6Field on the Axis and in the Plane of a Plane Circular Current-carrying Coil
6.7Helmholtz Coils
6.8Field on the Axis of a Long Solenoid
6.9The Magnetic Field H
6.11Ampère's Theorem
6.12Boundary Conditions

Chapter 7.    Force on a Current in a Magnetic Field

7.2Force Between Two Current-carrying Wires
7.3The Permeability of Free Space
7.4Magnetic Moment
7.5Magnetic Moment of a Plane, Current-carrying Coil
7.6Period of Oscillation of a Magnet or a Coil in an External Magnetic Field
7.7Potential Energy of a Magnet or a Coil in a Magnetic Field
7.8Moving-coil Ammeter
7.9Magnetogyric Ratio

Chapter 8.    On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies

8.2Charged Particle in an Electric Field
8.3Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field
8.4Charged Particle in an Electric and a Magnetic Field
8.5Motion in a Nonuniform Magnetic Field
8AAppendix. Integration of the Equations

Chapter 9.    Magnetic Potential

9.2The Magnetic Vector Potential
9.3Long, Straight, Current-carrying Conductor
9.4Long Solenoid

Chapter 10.    Electromagnetic Induction

10.2Electromagnetic Induction and the Lorentz Force
10.3Lenz's Law
10.4Ballistic Galvanometer and the Measurement of Magnetic Field
10.5AC Generator
10.6AC Power
10.7Linear Motors and Generators
10.8Rotary Motors
10.9The Transformer
10.10Mutual Inductance
10.11Self Inductance
10.12Growth of Current in a Circuit Containing Inductance
10.13Discharge of a Capacitor through an Inductance
10.14Discharge of a Capacitor through an Inductance and a Resistance
10.15Charging a Capacitor through and Inductance and a Resistance
10.16Energy Stored in an Inductance
10.17Energy Stored in a Magnetic Field

Chapter 11.    Dimensions

Chapter 12.    Properties of Magnetic Materials

12.2Magnetic Circuits and Ohm's Law
12.3Magnetization and Susceptibility

Chapter 13.    Alternating Current

13.1Alternating current in an inductance
13.2Alternating Voltage across a Capacitor
13.3Complex Numbers
13.4Resistance and Inductance in Series
13.5Resistance and Capacitance in Series
13.7The RLC Series Acceptor Circuit
13.8The RLC Parallel Rejector Circuit
13.9AC Bridges
13.9.1The Owen Bridge
13.9.2The Schering Bridge
13.9.3The Wien Bridge
13.9.4Bridge Solution by Delta-Star Transform
13.10The Transformer
13.11Root-Mean-Square Values, Power and Impedance Matching
13.12Some Remarks on the Star-Delta Transform
13.13The Telephonist’s, or Telegrapher’s, Equations

Chapter 14.    Laplace Transforms

14.2Table of Laplace Transforms
14.3The First Integration Theorem
14.4The Second Integration Theorem (Dividing a Function by t)
14.5Shifting Theorem
14.6A Function Times tn
14.7Differentiation Theorem
14.8A First Order Differential Equation
14.9A Second Order Differential Equation
14.10Generalized Impedance
14.11RLC Series Transient
14.12Another Example

Chapter 15.    Maxwell's Equations

15.2Maxwell's First Equation
15.3Poisson's and Laplace's Equations
15.4Maxwell's Second Equation
15.5Maxwell's Third Equation
15.6The Magnetic Equivalent of Poisson's Equation
15.7Maxwell's Fourth Equation
15.8Summary of Maxwell's and Poisson's Equations
15.9Electromagnetic Waves
15.10Gauge Transformations
15.11Maxwell's Equations in Potential Form
15.12Retarded Potential

Chapter 16.    CGS Electricity and Magnetism

16.2The CGS Electrostatic System
16.3The CGS Electromagnetic System
16.4The Gaussian Mixed System

Chapter 17.    Magnetic Dipole Moment

17.2The SI Definition of Magnetic Moment
17.3The Magnetic Field on the Equator of a Magnet
17.4CGS Magnetic Moment, and Lip Service to SI
17.5Possible Alternative Definitions of Magnetic Moment
17.6Thirteen Questions
17.7Additional Remarks

Chapter 18.    Electrochemistry

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