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Celestial Mechanics

Classical Mechanics

Geometric Optics

Electricity and Magnetism

Heat and Thermodynamics

Physical Optics

Max Fairbairn's Planetary Photometry

Integrals and Differential Equations

Quadric Surfaces

Integrals and Differential Equations (last updated: 2023 April 22)

Chapter 1    Integrals

Chapter 2    Differential Equations of Order 1

2.1Equations with separable variables.
2.2Homogeneous equations.
2.3Equations that can easily be made homogeneous.
2.4Equations that require a Brilliant Substitution.
2.5Equations solvable by means of an integrating factor.
2.6Bernoulli-type equations.
2.7Exact equations.

Chapter 3    Differential Equations of Order 2

3.2The Operator D
3.3The Operator D-1
3.4The Operator (D - a)-1

Chapter 4    Differential Equations of the Form ay'' + by' + cy = 0

Chapter 5    Differential equations of the form ay'' + by' + cy = f(x) and x2y'' + bxy' + cy = f(x)

Chapter 6    Simultaneous equations in x, y, ,

Chapter 7    Equations involving powers of the derivatives Clairaut’s equation

Chapter 13    Complex numbers

Chapter 14    Functions of a complex variable

Chapter 15    Differentiation of f(z)

Chapter 16    Integration of f(z)

Appendix A    Examples and Answers

Appendix B    Worked Solutions

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