Wellness & Inclusivity

This page provides a starting point for finding the services you need to support your emotional and physical well-being as a graduate student. It also provides an overview of the organizations on campus that provide resources specifically for queer students, BIPOC students, and students with disabilities. If there are any additional resources that you would like to see listed on this page please let us know!

Anonymous wellness and inclusivity feedback form for Physics & Astronomy graduate students found here.

General Useful Links
Student Wellness Centre, Equity and Human Rights, Graduate Students Society, Ombudsperson

Student Wellness Centre

·  Mental, physical, and spiritual health services

·  Students can book appointments with counsellors, nurses, physicians, or spiritual care providers

Equity and Human Rights Uvic

·  Get support for sexualized violence, discrimination, harassment, or workplace bullying

·  Access help implementing equity and inclusion work and education across campus

Graduate Students Society (GSS) Advocacy Resources

·  Compilation of resources relating to financial support, supervisory relationship policy, sexualized violence policy, Ombudsperson, CUPE 4163, and campus advocacy groups

Office of the Ombudsperson

·  Advocates for and investigates potential violations of student rights

Mental Health

If you are looking for support with your mental health, the Student Wellness Centre is a good place to start. They have a variety of resources available to students, including one-on-one counselling (usually a few sessions focusing on specific issues in your life). They can also help you to find a therapist if you feel that you need more long-term treatment for your mental health. You can also access counselling through the SupportConnect program, where you meet with a designated counsellor for several sessions. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, call the Vancouver Island Crisis Line.

Student Wellness Centre Mental Health Services

·  Mental health services include counselling appointments, self-help resources, groups & workshops, and resources for finding a therapist


·  Connects UVic students with free counselling 24/7

Peer Support Centre

·  Service provided by UVSS for students who are struggling with or have questions regarding mental health, are concerned for a friend, or need help accessing resources on or off campus

Vancouver Island Crisis Line

·  Available 24/7 for short-term immediate support at 1‑888‑494‑3888

Nationwide Suicide Crisis Helpline Call or Text 988

Physical Health

The Student Wellness Centre (SWC) is able to cover many of your physical health needs. However, for some services such as dental care and eye exams you will need to use external providers. In this case, you will want to have the cost covered by the Graduate Student Society (GSS) Health and Dental Plan. The GSS plan is not a supplement for primary coverage, which you will need to cover the cost of hospital visits and physician services outside of the SWC (explained here!).

Student Wellness Centre (SWC)

·  Provide a variety of health services including sexual health, vaccination, acute care, mental health concerns

·  All students enrolled at UVic are eligible to receive SWC services

·  Same-day appointments are available for acute issues

·  Pre-booked appointments are available for non-urgent concerns

·  Due to limited pre-booked appointment availability you may want to connect with a family doctor through HealthLink BC

GSS Health and Dental

·  Learn about how you can access health and dental coverage through the Graduate Students Society

·  Unless you opted-out at the start of the school year, you can access this coverage

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

·  Primary medical care (public hospitals, physician services) is available to anyone, but you must be enrolled in the BC MSP to have the cost of these services covered by the government

·  As a student lawfully living in BC for at least six months of the year, you are eligible to apply for the BC MSP

·  If you are arriving from another province or territory in Canada, your home province may be able to cover the cost of this primary medical care until you get on the BC MSP (you should check!)

·  If you are arriving from outside of Canada, you may want to get private medical insurance until you are covered by the BC MSP (more info here)

·  The Student Wellness centre has some helpful information about health coverage here

Campus Pharmacy

·  Fills prescriptions, provides COVID/flu vaccinations

Sexualized Violence

If you or someone you know has experienced sexualized violence, the Sexualized Violence Resource Office is a good place to start. The Anti-Violence project provides peer support options. Campus Security can be contacted in case of urgent of ongoing safety concerns.

Sexualized Violence Resource Office

·  Can assist you in finding support and understanding the options available to you under UVic’s Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy.

·  Sedgewick C119, Equity and Human Rights office

Anti-Violence Project

·  Student-run organization that provides peer support to anyone who has experienced violence, anyone who has caused harm, and anyone who has supported someone who has experienced violence or caused harm.

Campus Security

·  If you are fear for your personal safety, Campus security can be reached 24/7 at 250 721-7599

·  Through the Safewalk program you can receive an escort service anywhere on campus

Substance Use

Harm Reduction Centre

·  Provides information and resources related to sex and substance use, including safe injection supplies and contraceptives.

·  Links to off-campus harm reduction resources

Naloxone kits are available at the campus pharmacy.

Campus Advocacy Groups

Gender Empowerment Centre

·  Provides a safe space for self-identified women, non-binary, trans and gender non-conforming folks

Students of Colour Collective

·  Provides services and community for students identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and Person of Colour)

UVSS Pride Collective

·  Performs advocacy work across campus for students who self-identify as queer

Indigenous Students

Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement

·  Provides academic, financial, and cultural supports for Indigenous students.

Native Students’ Union (NSU)

·  Organization managed by Indigenous students at UVic which “runs events and programs, manages a student space with services, and advocates for Indigenous student success and wellness at UVic.”

Students with a Disability

 Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)

·  Students can receive academic accommodations with CAL for a variety of circumstances including having a learning disability, ADHD, ASD, a mental health diagnosis, a long-term recurring physical or sensory disability or chronic health condition.

Society for Students with a Disability

·  Student advocacy group which promotes the inclusion of students who self-identify as having one or more disabilities.