Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students Association

PAGSA is an established academic unit, formed to enhance the university experience of students within the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Victoria.

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Skating the Winter Blues Away

On a brisk 5 degree celcius Tuesday evening, many graduate students found themselves congregating in the lobby of the Elliott Building; some with skates in hand, others just excited to get out and try something new. With so few pre-signed up for the …

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PAGSA Discord Server

We have currently chosen Discord as our main communication method, with anything PAGSA related being posted in the appropriate channels. This is where you will find news on upcoming events, both academic and social, channels to chat with others in the department, and all sorts of fun activities. With anything that is a priority, we send an email along to your UVic email, to make sure that students are getting all the information they need. Click our invite link below to join! Welcome information can be found in the #welcome channel.

PAGSA 2022-2023 Executive Team

Alex Beaubien


Simon Smith

vice chair

Scott Wilkinson

academic representative

Fletcher Waller

social representative

Max Kurzner

sports representative

Aydan McKay

student affairs officer

Robert Gleisinger

CUPE steward

Samuel Fielder

GSS Councillor

Aviv Padawer-Blatt

AStronomy unit representative

Jericho O’Connell

medical-physics unit representative

Annabelle Czihaly

physics unit representative