Morphology and
Mass Buildup

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MMM Galaxies....
The MMM project
  • What is Merger rate at high redshift?
  • What is the Morphology of galaxies in the rest frames at high redshift?
  • How does the Mass in stars build up in galaxies?
These are the questions behind the MMM project. To answer all these questions we need deep (K_AB=25), high-resolution infrared data:

Gemini Adaptive Optics
We propose a deep, targeted imaging survey down to K_AB=25 with Altair+NIRI. Twenty fields near bright guide stars will be selected in each of the CFHT Legacy Deep fields. In a subsequent proposal we will undertake AO spectroscopy using Altair+NIFS of a subset of the objects to create a redshift survey between 2 and 3 magnitudes deeper than any other K selected sample.

NICMOS Ultra Deep Field
To some extent, these science goals can be achieved in the currently available NICMOS observation in the Ultra Deep Field. These observations are smaller in area (factor of ~2) and lower resolution (factor of ~3) the Gemini adapative optics observations. Also, they only extend to the H band (1.6 um) and not the K (2.2 um). However, they are slightly deeper and the data is already in hand.

NICMOS UDF images and catalogs
2004B Gemini Proposal
2005A Gemini Proposal