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This to be link to the offical home page of finest pirate movie of modern times (Cutthroat Island). But that was back in 1995. Since then, needless to say, the Cutthroat Island site as long disappeared (MGM being embarassed at having lost 100 million dollars) and new pirate movie as taken over. (I'm pretty sure you can guess which one...) Aye, but I've kept the first image, fer ol' times sake m'lad.

a1a When not engaged in probing the mysteries of the universe, I like to relax to the soul-soothing tunes of Jimmy Buffett.
rum As anybody who knows Jimmy knows, the music should be complemented with some liquid libations . These boat drinks should contain two key ingredients: rum and a paper umbrella.
alberg As anybody who drinks rum knows, the best time to drink it is while on a boat. I finally have a boat! It's an Alberg 30. I used to sail as a crew with Duen Sailing Adventures. I have sailed extensively in the Gulf Islands I've put a number of pictures of my boat here Probably too many.
starbuck As anybody who sails knows, the best place to sail is a remote tropical island. Islands don't get much more remote than Starbuck Island

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