NIRI data so far

This web page describes the "quick and dirty" reduction of NIRI+Altair data taken for the "Mergers, Morphology and Mass-buildup" (MMM) project as part of Gemini GN-2004B-Q-41 observations. The reduction procedures are described here. The final K-band image is shown above at right. The FITS version can be downloaded here.

Five galaxies can be found in the images. All of these galaxies have optical counterparts. The I band image is shown below at right. The FITS postage stamps in all 5 bands can be found in this directory

By using the K-band magnitude of the guide star from the 2MASS catalog, we can find the brightness of the other objects. The faintest objects (#4 and #5) have KAB=24.86+/-0.16 and KAB=24.27+/-0.13 and indicating that we can get to KAB=25 with 20% photometry.

Although this reduction shows that the observations work , it should in no way considered to be the last word on the subject. The noise in the final image is about twice the theoretical Poisson limit (considering sky noise and read out noise) There are a number of problems, which when fixed

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