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Here are some pictures of my boat, the Alberg 30 "Quasar". Yes, it's a cutesey name for a boat belonging to an astronomer, but what can you do. Changing a boat's name is "bad luck" unless you a special denaming ceremony (described here), followed by the usual smashing of a bottle of champagne. Also, my boat is registered vessel (check out the entry at Transport Canada here) so there some bureaucracy involved. Finally, I would have to paint over the old name. Anyway, here are far too many pictures of my boat.

From the big trip to the Broughtons in June 2008

From a short trip in May 2007

From a longer trip to Desolation Sound

If you want still more pictures, they're here.

I went on a 2 week cruise in 2005. Here are rather a lot of pictures

In 2006 I went to the Alberg Rendezvous in Ganges. Here are some pictures

The boat:
picture 1

She sails very nicely, but is slightly tender:

Trial Island lighthouse:
picture 1

Looking forward:
picture 1

The engine, a venerable Atomic 4:
picture 1

I recently had the boat haulled out. It looked like this: picture 1

And the propeller looked like this (notice the complete absence of the zinc):
picture 1