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Sample Direct Imaging Data

This folder contains sample data from the HR8799 system, all captured in the L-prime filter using Keck/NIRC2 in narrow mode.

The 2009 data set should be credited to Christian Marois and the paper Marois et al 2009. The 2021 data set should be credited to Thompson, Marois, and Konopacky and the paper Thompson et al 2023.

The file center_im.fits contains an 3D array of X,Y, and time. The images are already calibrated and centred such that the star is in the exact middle of the images. The rotation angles of the images are given by the array stored in rot_north.fits. The file median_unsat.fits is an unsaturated copy of the stellar PSF that can be used in processing if desired. The units should be the same between median_unsat and center_im.