Survey Basics
  • Basic information about the three survey components
Mailing Lists
  • Sign up for any of the CFHLS mailing lists, and read the archives
Proposals and Reports
  • Proposals that have been submitted, and reports that were received back
Posters, Papers and Plots
  • Articles and presentations about the survey
Test Results
  • Results from simulations and testing of Megaprime equipment
Megacam and Megaprime
  • Sites about Megacam and Megaprime
What's new:
  • March 13th 2002: The emails discussing the ideal length of proprietary time are now archived. A link to the archive is on the Mailing List page.
  • March 9th 2002: Everything! Welcome to the first approximation to a CFHLS website. At this point, the site is mainly a compilation of everything that's already on the Net about this survey. If you know of other things this site should link to, please tell us .
  • March 9th 2002: We'd also like your suggestions on what you'd like to see at this website. A directory of everyone involved in the project? Copies of presentations that were made at meetings? A photo gallery? What else?
  • March 9th 2002: I'm sorry, but "CFHLS" just doesn't roll off the tongue. Enter the acronym contest below!


Canadian Astronomical Data Centre
Canada France Hawaii Telescope

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