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Labs 13:00-17:20 Mondays at Bob Wright Centre A107

Face mask is optional (but recommended) for all f2f lab sessions.

Lectures : 13:00 Thursdays at Clearihue Building D130

Face mask is optional (but recommended) for all f2f lecture sessions.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Lecture Outline:
Probability Distributions and Photon Statistics
Error Propagations, Observing Limits, QE, DQE, and Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Integrating and Photon-Counting Modes
Atmospheric Turbulence and Adaptive Optics
Fourier Transform and Time Series Analysis

Marking Guideline:
The standard university scale (i.e., 90-100% A+, 85-89% A, 80-84% A-, 77-79% B+, 73-76% B, 70-72% B-, 60-69% C+, 60-64% C, 50-59% D, 0-49% F) will be used to convert percentages to letter grades. (Some amount of scaling may occur, if necessary). 

The breakdown of the marks will be:

Laboratory Work                       80%
End-of-Term Exam                    20%

Astronomy 329 Lecture Notes

These lecture notes are password protected.

Chapter 1: Photon Statistics

Chapter 2: Detection Limits

review 3a: background review on telescopes

Chapter 3: Detectors

Chapter 4: Spectrographs

Chapter 5: Atmospheric Seeing

Chapter 6: Adaptive Optics

Chapter 7: Time Series Analysis

Astronomy 329 Lab page is password protected

Lab0 : Setup for remote desktop

Lab1 : Introduction to IRAF and CCD Preprocessing

Lab2 : Properties of CCD

Lab3 : Noise Regimes and Point Spread Function

Lab4 : Photometry

Lab5 : Spectroscopy

iraf etc

A list of constants is also available here for convenience.

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