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Current GIM2D Version: 3.2
Date: November 2008


GIM2D (Galaxy IMage 2D) is an IRAF/SPP package written to perform detailed bulge/disk decompositions of low signal-to-noise images of distant galaxies in a fully automated way. GIM2D takes an input image from HST or ground-based telescopes and outputs a galaxy-subtracted image as well as a catalog of structural parameters. This home page describes GIM2D capabilities and results obtained with it.

The development of GIM2D greatly benefited from the experiences of a core user group which includes Kim-Vy Tran, Brad Holden, Francine Marleau, Katherine Wu, Sasha Hinkley, and Dan McIntosh. I am indebted to them for their help.

Financial support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada and the US National Science Foundation during the development of GIM2D is gratefully acknowledged.

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GIM2D is publicly available. See the Installation page.

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