Welcome to the sparsest page on the web!

Okay, probably not. But I do apologize for the dearth of information on this page, and hereby make a solemn and completely non-binding vow to add more soon.

WHO: Margaret Milne. Here's a decent photo - a little old, and I generally wear glasses, but you get the idea...

WHAT: MSc student. Having survived the rigours of the first course-filled year, I've now got two major projects on the go:

WHERE: First desk to your right, Room 403, Elliot Building, University of Victoria. If you're not on campus, try (250) 721-7747. And if you're far too high tech for that, email me at mlmilne@uvic.ca.

WHEN: Starting September 2000, for two years. That's it. Two years. No more. I mean it. [Coming Soon! Sound clip of older grad students snickering derisively!]
Update! Sep. 2002 - Okay, okay. Two years, eight months. I really mean it this time. [Coming Soon! Sound clip of older grad students saying 'I told you so'!]

WHY: Why not? "Margaret, Mistress of Science" sounds pretty good to me...

WHAT ELSE: Non-physics interests past and present include:
German folk dancing
Most things Sci-Fi
Most things Fantasy
Almost anything else geeky or silly