Dr. Pavel Denisenkov (Denissenkov)

Pavel aboard Pallada

Summary of Research Interests

the theory of stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis; rotation and mixing of low-mass stars (including the Sun) during their pre- and early main-sequence evolution, as well as on the red giant branch, horizontal branch, and asymptotic giant branch (AGB) (especially, in globular clusters); hot-bottom burning, mixing and s-process nucleosynthesis in AGB stars; interpretation of observed rotational and chemical composition anomalies in stars via modelling of hydrodynamic, magnetic, and thermohaline transport processes in their radiative zones, as well as via modelling of their tidal interaction and mass exchange in close binaries; the origin of abundance anomalies in the oldest stars in the Universe; 2D and 3D numerical simulations of MHD and thermohaline mixing processes in stars using spectral and finite element methods; modelling of thermonuclear runaways and nucleosynthesis in Novae and on rapidly accreting white dwarfs (i-process); using Monte-Carlo simulations to study nuclear reaction rate uncertainties relevant to stellar nucleosynthesis

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Recent and current projects:

MESA/NuGrid tutorial
A404/A506/Stellar Populations
CSA research and teaching

Present Address:

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Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Victoria
Elliott Building, Room 101
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC, V8P 5C2, CANADA

Phone: +1 (250) 721-7739
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E-Mail: pavelden@uvic.ca