Subaru, Keck I and II, and the IRTF at sunset, as seen from Gemini North

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Ph.D. in Astronomy - University of Victoria, 2011
Bachelors Degree in Physics and Astronomy with Honors - University of Washington, 2007
Associates in Art and Science Degree with Honors - Whatcom Community College, 2005

Professional Appointments

Postdoctoral Researcher - Department of Astronomy, University of California at Berkeley, 2013-Present.
Postdoctoral Researcher - New Horizons Outer Solar System Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, 2011-2013.
Lab development for "Search for Life in the Universe," 2009-2010.
University of Victoria Astronomy 201 TA, 2009.
Robinson Center TA for "Physics of Roller-coasters," 2007.
REU Internship at the SETI Institute, 2006.

Honors and Awards

2003-2005: Honors Program and Society (Phi Theta Kappa), WCC (president of local PTK chapter 2004-2005).
2005: WCC Merit Tuition Scholarship, WCC Dean's Scholar.
2006: John Baer Prize Award (UW Astronomy).
2007: UW Dean's Scholar, Departmental Honors in Astronomy.
2008-2011: National Science Foundation Fellow Abroad.


"Most Innovative Design" (2003) and "Judges Choice" (2005) TMSP Telescope Maker's Awards
Awarded STF grant for $47,000 upgrade to University of Washington's A-Wing Observatory


Construction of a 20.1 MHz receiver and amplifier for WCC Astronomy labs, 2005.
- Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Bachmann, Whatcom Community College.
Analysis of SDSS MOC asteroid families in color-orbital parameter space. 2005-2008.
- Advisor: Dr. Zeljko Ivezic, University of Washington.
Geomorphologic analysis of Grjota Valles, Mars, through THEMIS IR and VIS images. 2006.
- Advisor: Dr. Devon Burr, SETI Institute.
Research in Education in Astronomy. 2007.
- Advisor: Dr. Ana Larson, University of Washington
Research in deep KBO detection. 2007 - 2010.
- Advisor: Dr. JJ Kavelaars, University of Victoria
Thesis research in characterizing Kuiper Belt Binaries, 2007 - 2011.
- Advisor: Dr. JJ Kavelaars, University of Victoria Search for an encounter target for New Horizons, 2011-present.

Observation experience

Gemini North
Magellan Baade (Las Campanas Observatory)
Manastash Ridge Observatory (WA)
Shane Telescope (Lick Observatory, CA)
Plaskett Telescope (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, BC Canada).
WIYN Telescope (Kitt Peak National Observatory, AZ)