The Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey



What is PAndAS?

            PAndAS is an astronomical survey using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope designed to explore, in unprecedented detail, the structure and content of the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way: the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) and its close neighbour, the Triangulum Galaxy (M33). Hidden within the vast volumes explored by PAndAS lie remnants of - and therefore clues to - the formation of these galaxies. 

            While there might be 400 billion or so galaxies in the Universe, there are only 2 galaxies - Andromeda and Triangulum - whose history can be revealed to us in this level of detail through the study of their "galaxy archaeology".

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Upper left: The Triangulum galaxy (M33)

Upper middle: The Andromeda galaxy (M31), with its two bright satellites, M32 and NGC205

Right (background): The possible orbit of the Triangulum galaxy around Andromeda