Local Group and Nearby Dwarf Galaxies


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This article presents a compilation and discussion of data relating to basic observational properties of all nearby
(dwarf) galaxies within 3Mpc (the dwarf satellite systems of the Milky Way and M31 galaxies, the quasi-isolated dwarfs in the outer regions of the Local Group, and the isolated dwarf galaxies found in the surrounding of the Local Group out to the next nearest galaxy groups). Updated versions of the compiled dataset can be downloaded from this page.

In general, I expect to update this page every ~6 months (see the Update.log for the date of the most recent update)

NearbyGalaxies_Jan2021_PUBLIC.fits: FITS table containing updated parameters for all observational quantities listed in McConnachie (2012). As of January 2021, this file now contains columns for the systemic proper motions. Refer to McConnachie (2012) for more details on each parameter and important comments.

Update.log: Text file summarising changes to the catalog from the last update

table1_OCT2019.pdf: Updated version of Table 1 from McConnachie (2012), including galaxy names, Celestial coordinates, sub-groups, morphological classification, original publication (discovery)

References.dat: Numbered reference file containing all papers referenced in NearbyGalaxies.dat

Comments.dat: Additional comments on individual values listed in NearbyGalaxies.dat

Please acknowledge the use of this catalog in published work by citing McConnachie, A.W., 2012, AJ, 144, 4

The observed properties of dwarf galaxies in and around the Local Group

McConnachie, A.W., 2012, AJ, 144, 4