William Thompson

Astronomy PhD candidate at the University of Victoria

Exoplanets & asteroseismology


Posts, Notes, & Tutorials

▷ Julia Notes for astronomy ▷ Noise Propagation in Fourier Transform Spectrographs


AstroImages.jl DirectDetections.jl PlanetOrbits.jl PairPlots.jl Red-Pitaya Multi-Channel Analyser UI

Recorded Talks

AstroImages.jl (JuliaCon 2022) Adaptive Optics in Julia (JuliaCon 2021)


Thompson, W., Marois, C., Improved Contrast in Images of Exoplanets using Direct SNR Optimization, AJ, 2021 ▷ Lardière, O., Gerard, B., Marois, C., Thompson, W., et al Optical design and preliminary results of NEW EARTH, first Canadian high-contrast imaging laboratory test bench Proceedings of the SPIE, 2020 ▷ Marois, C., Gerard, B., Thompson, W., et al Exoplanet Imaging: a technological and scientific road-map for finding Life signatures on other Worlds, Canadian Long Range Plan For Astronomy and Astrophysics White Paper, 2020 Thompson, W., Marois, C., Extremely Bright Orbital Guide Beacons for Extremely Large Telescopes, AO4ELT6, 2019.