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Kim Venn

Associate Professor,
Canada Research Chair (Tier II)

Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin

Office: Elliott 111
phone: 250 472 5182
email: kvenn at

Kim Venn is a stellar spectroscopist, specializing in the analysis of metal poor stars in our Galaxy and nearby dwarf satellites. The comparison of the chemistry of stars within our Galaxy, and to stars in other galaxies, tells us about the formation and evolution of these systems, as well as the nucleosynthesis of the elements themselves. She has won numerous awards for her research including the Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering (NSF 2000), and currently holds a Canadian Research Chair (Tier II) in Observational Astrophysics.

Her work is closely coupled with three other groups at UVic:
(1) The Computational Stellar Astrophysics group, which is interested in modelling the properties of stars themselves, including nucleosynthesis in the cores, convection in their interiors, and how these properties change as the stars age.
(2) The Cosmology group, which is interested in theoretical modelling and predictions of the formation of galaxies in a cold dark matter Universe. Included in these predictions are observational tests for the stellar populations in the Milky Way.
(3) The Astronomical Instrumentation groups, which are located in the Mechanical Engineering Department and the NRC-HIA. The Raven MOAO instrument is the current main interest, being built for the Subaru Observatory with first light expected in the summer 2014.

Research Areas

The general research areas of the group are:

  • stellar spectroscopy and nucleosynthesis
  • galactic chemical evolution and the early universe
  • astronomical instrumentation

Presently Active Projects

  • chemodynamics of stars in dwarf galaxies
  • metal poor stars and the early universe
  • IR spectroscopy of stars in the Galactic bulge
  • Raven MOAO and astronomical instrumention
  • integrated light spectroscopy of globular clusters
  • stars with debris disks
  • chemistry of stars in globular clusters

Group Members

  • Charli Sakari: PhD candidate
  • Masen Lamb: PhD candidate
  • Trystyn Berg: MSc candidate
  • Paolo Turri: PhD candidate
  • Zack Draper: MSc candidate

    Former Members

  • Dr. Ryan Leaman: PhD 2012, currently PDF (Teneriffe, Spain)
  • Dr. Celia Blain: PhD 2012 (Mech Eng), currently PDF UVic (Mech Eng)
  • Ruth Digby: BSc candidate
  • Brendan Thorne: BSc candidate
  • Mike Divell: BSc 2011, school teacher
  • Ashley Chutter: MSc 2009, school teacher
  • Paul Wilson: BSc 2008, PhD candidate U.Exeter
  • Konstantin Fedotov: BSc 2008, PhD candidate UWO
  • Jon Geehan : MSc 2006, school teacher

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