Flare Stars

Just like our Sun has explosions on its surface , which we call flares, flare stars have momentary brightenings observed on them.   Generally their characteristics are:

The flares:

We have discovered a few of these stars, since we started looking at X-ray sources.
BL Psc B.Kellett, G.Bromage, et.al ApJ.438,p354 1995 RE0044+09
QT And RM Robb IBVS 4652 1995 RE0041+342
?? Peg R. Greimel and RM Robb IBVS 4652 1998 RX220111+2818
?? CVn RM Robb, DD Balam,  R Greimel IBVS 4714 1999 RX133146+291631

Light curve of the latest star

This is a plot of our observations of the brightness variations of the star RX1620. The dots and pluses are from last year and the circles and x's are from this year. Some of us think the variations are caused by spots, but the cause could still be pulsations of the star.


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