July 14, 2015



The following is a list of sports in which the graduate students of the department are involved. If you don’t see your favourite sport or would like to get something new started, contact Maheyer, the PAGSA sports representative.

PAGSA has organized many intramural sports teams. There will be a survey sent around at the beginning of each academic semester to organize teams.

Below is a list of known sports enthusiasts and activities within the department. Feel free to contact any of the people below about joining them in sports.*note that PAGSA will not pay the team registration fees, but if you need small gear items for the sport you want to play (e.g., hockey stick, volley ball, etc.), PAGSA may be able to reimburse you.

Volleyball: Typically during the summer months people play sand volleyball on Friday’s at the Ian Stewart complex. Contact Chelsea or Nick

Ball Hockey: Contact Nick

Futsal/Soccer: Contact Maan at mhani[at]uvic[dot ca]


Squash: Many students in the department have played pickup squash. Use the facebook group to find partners

Bicycling: Mike (mkid.chen[at]gmail[dot com]) loves biking and may also occasionally compete in various races.

Hiking/Camping/Backpacking: There are a lot of people with camping and hiking interests in the department. Feel free to reach out to people in the department and ask about potential trips

Climbing: Collin (collin.kielty[at]gmail[dot com]).

Downhill Skiing: PAGSA typically organizes a skiing trip to Mount Washington in January/February and may continue the tradition in future years. Contact Collin for details!

Martial arts: Mike (mkid[dot]chen[at]gmail[dot com]) does Aikido with a group at UVic

Running: Physics grads have traditionally had a team in the TC10K each Spring.  There has also been smaller group trail runs on weekends at Elk Lake. Contact Maheyer for info.

Swing Dancing: (We accept all forms of sport here!) Classes on Friday evenings downtown.  Contact cdunning[at]uvic[dot ca] for info