July 14, 2015

Helpful Links

Travel Reports and Financials

Travel Expense Form

Prepaid Air / Travel Advance

Direct Deposit


Graduate Student Society

Graduate Student Society

GSS Travel Grant


Canadian Union of Public Employees (Local 4163)

CUPE 4163 Website

CUPE Travel Grant (Form PDF)

TA Employment Contract / Collective Agreement

Letter of Understanding for Collective Agreement Variance


Health-Related Links

UVic mental health-related resources.

Phycology Today Canada. You can use this site to find a local counselor (check if they use a sliding scale for payment).

UVic counseling. Not really set up for long-term issues but can be useful for one-off sessions. Offer group sessions as well during non-covid times.

More links for private practice counselors.

BC COVID-19 support services. Some of these are low cost or free services.