January 26, 2016

Additional Information for Out of Province Students

Statements of Enrollment

Coming from Ontario: If you have OSAP from undergrad, get your forms into NCSLC ASAP so that they don’t start expecting payments in November. Download the “Continuation of Interest-free Status” form from the OSAP website. You then have to get the form authenticated by Student Awards & Financial Aid office (it is on the 2nd floor of the University Centre) and they will send it on to OSAP for you. Alternatively, you may apply for OSAP as usual.

Bringing in a Car

Students bringing in their own car from out of province will need to have a provincial safety inspection conducted on their car. More information on bringing in a car can be found at:


Health care

Keeping your Ontario provincial health care

NOTE: Students from Ontario can keep their OHIP, because, as a student, you are still a resident of Ontario. If you OHIP is about to expire (don’t bother doing this because if you have a red and white card because it will never expire), you can renew your card by sending them:
A Change of Information form, filling out sections A, B, D, G (site for OHIP forms here)
in Section D mark that your reason for being out of province is full-time academic studies
A letter from the school stating:
you are enrolled full-time
the start of your program
your expected graduation date
proof of address in Ontario (e.g., Driver’s license)
proof of signature (e.g., passport)
FAX this information to 613 545 4301.

They will mail you your renewed health card set to expire on your graduation date.

Keeping your Alberta provincial health care

As a student, you can also keep your Alberta health care, as long as you “intend” to return to Alberta after you finish your degree. If you are under 25, you can stay under your parent’s plan, including any of their extended coverage. Once you turn 25, you can still get the basic Alberta health insurance, but you will not be able to get your parent’s extended coverage, and you should contact Alberta Health to get set up with your own plan (takes about 30 seconds). You will need to mail Alberta Health a letter every year stating that you are currently a full-time student. This letter needs to be on official UVic letterhead but does not necessarily need to come from the registrar. The graduate secretary should be able to make this letter for you. This letter can be sent anytime starting in September but must be received by Alberta health by November.

Getting BC provincial health care

If you need to purchase health insurance for while you are living in Canada, there are three different kinds of insurance you’ll need to buy:

1. Basic health care
2. Extended health care
3. Dental care

Numbers 2 and 3 are automatically provided by the University. If you don’t want them, you’ll have to Opt Out, but you’ll have to have equal coverage to do this. You will need to purchase your own basic health care.

The basic plan in BC is the Medical Services Plan (MSP). You’ll need to apply using the form on their website:


Depending on your income, you may have to pay a premium. This cost usually increases every year: see the Premiums page for more info.