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Michele Bannister
Postdoctoral fellow
Outer Solar System Origins Survey
National Research Council of Canada / University of Victoria
Hunting for new worlds
The small icy worlds beyond Neptune provide insights into the early history of the Solar System. I am interested in understanding how they formed, evolved and reached their present orbits, and in the landforms of their surface ices.
Thank you Gemini! Our Large Program to measure the colours of the brightest discoveries of the Outer Solar System Origins Survey has been awarded 386 hours of telescope time over the next four years: the highest-ranked such program on Gemini North.

Here's the recordings of my ten-minute talk at the Workshop on the Habitability of Icy Worlds, Feb 7 2014, and my invited talk (28 MB) at the 2013 Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Meeting.

My curated table of all trans-Neptunian object surveys is here.