Astro Summer Seminar Series

Every summer the astronomy graduate students host a series of seminars highlighting the novel and diverse research being conducted by astronomers at UVic and the NRC-HAA. Not only does this allow local astronomers to present the depth and range of their current research, but it gives the audience the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research being done in Victoria.

Interested in presenting? We invite all astronomers from UVic and NRC-HAA (faculty, post-docs, research personnel, graduate students, coop students) to present for a half-hour on a current research project. We also welcome external collaborators of UVic and NRC-HAA personnel to present as well. If you are interested in presenting, reach out to anyone on our organizing committee.

Organizing Committee: Mallory Thorp (, Vida Saeedzadeh (

Interested in attending? The 2020 astronomy seminar series will be held from 12pm – 1pm on Wednesdays (with some flexibility for certain speakers). Given the continuing situation with COVID-19, we will hold these seminars using zoom, and will return to hosting the event on the UVic campus at a later date. See the table below for scheduled seminars.

Upcoming Seminars

Seminar Title
Link / Location
17 – 05 – 2021 Jon Willis Discovering the first cosmic cities: Distant galaxy clusters and the growth of large-scale structure in the Universe.


07 – 06 – 2021 Doug Rennehan Mixing Matters Postponed
14 – 06 – 2021 Robert Bickley Machine vision-based studies of post-merger galaxies in observations & simulations Recording
21 – 06 – 2021 Alan McConnachie The Milky Way, its satellites, and their analogs in the Local Universe Recording
28 – 06 – 2021 Cancelled for Extreme Heat
05 – 07 – 2021 Nienke van der Marel Ice pebble chemistry in a dust trap and its influence on the C/O ratio in a planet-forming disk Recording
12 – 07 – 2021 Isabel Santos Magellanic satellites in LCDM cosmological hydrodynamical simulations of the Local Group Recording
19 – 07 – 2021 Austin Davis Turbulent convective mixing at the end of a massive stars life: Motivation for multi-physics code validation Recording
26 – 07 – 2021 Dhruv Muley Observational Signatures of Planets in Protoplanetary Disks: Temperature structures in spiral arms Recording Coming Soon
02 – 08 – 2021 No Seminar Happy British Columbia Day!
09 – 08 – 2021 Megan Donahue Quenching of Star Formation in Massive Galaxies: Insights from X-ray Observations of their Gas Halos Recording Coming Soon
16 – 08 – 2021 Asya Borukhovetskaya The tidal evolution of the Fornax and Crater II dwarf spheroidals Recording Coming Soon
23 – 08 – 2021 Salvatore Quai The rarity of quenching in simulated post-merger galaxies Recording Coming Soon
30 – 08 – 2021 Jess Speedie Observing planet-driven spiral arms in the dust with ALMA

Past Seminars – 2020

The organizing committee thanks all the volunteer speakers at the 2020 Summer Seminar Series for their engaging presentations.

Seminar Title
Link / Location
05 – 05 – 2021 Jon Willis All These Worlds Are Yours – The Scientific Search for Alien Life. Recorded Seminar
06 – 05 – 2020 Falk Herwig 3D hydrodynamic simulations of core-convection in massive stars: new solutions to an old problem No Recording
13 – 05 – 2020 Alan McConnachie Pushing Gaia to the limits: new insights into the outer Galaxy and the Local Group Recorded Seminar
20 – 05 – 2020 JJ Kavelaars TBD Recorded Seminar
03 – 06 – 2020 Arif Babul Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters Recorded Seminar
17 – 06 – 2020 Kim Venn The Metal Poor Galaxy Recorded Seminar
24 – 06 – 2020 Raphael Errani Tidal stripping 101: substructure abundance and the dark matter halos of Milky Way dwarfs Recorded Seminar
08 – 07 – 2020 Clare Higgs The Stellar Structure of Isolated Local Group Dwarf Galaxies with the Solo Survey Recorded Seminar
15 – 07 – 2020 Guillaume Thomas Reconstructing the history of the Milky Way and probing the dark matter nature with our stellar halo and its structures Recorded Seminar
22 – 07 – 2020 Doug Johnstone Steady Wind-Blown Cavities within Infalling Rotating Envelopes: Application to the Broad Velocity Component in Young Protostars Observed by the Herschel Space Observatory Recorded Seminar
29 – 07 – 2020 Maan Hani The spatially resolved effects of galaxy mergers on star formation and metallicities in IllustrisTNG No Recording
05 – 08 – 2020 Nienke van der Marel On the origin, diversity and fate of gapped protoplanetary disks Recorded Seminar
19 – 08 – 2020 Toby Brown Early Results from VERTICO, the Virgo Environment Traced in CO Survey No Recording
02 – 09 – 2020 Katie Crotts A Deep Polarimetric Analysis of the Debris Disk HD 106906 Recorded Seminar