John Climenhaga
Professor Emeritus
B.A. M.A. (Sask.), Ph.D. (Michigan), Hon. D. Sc. (U. of Vic.)

Research Interests 

Stellar Spectroscopy: 12C/13C abundance ratios in carbon stars; F-K type supergiant stars; commentary spectra.

A major area of research has been the determination of 12C/13C abundance ratios in carbon stars. This ratio is important for the understanding of nuclear processes and the production of energy in stellar interiors.

Another area of research has been spectroscopic studies of F-K type supergiant stars. The spectra of these stars reveal the presence of expanding envelopes surrounding the stars with velocities indicating that mass loss is occurring in some of them. In some cases, radial velocity variations support a binary nature. Also, variations with time in relative intensities of several emission lines occur which are not fully understood.

Selected Publications